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ESI or MassHealth

Hi;  I have a client was offered a job with ESI.  She and her family are currently on MassHealth.  My question is because of the pandemic emergency can she keep her MassHealth or does she have to enroll her family in her ESI and maybe keep the MH as secondary coverage.   Her ESI would be $500 […]

Dropping ESI with Employer Consent

Hi; I received this question from a single, working female whose income is at 276.36%.  She pays $90 a month for ESI but wants to cancel because the coverage benefits are horrible and she has chronic medical issues that need to be addressed properly.   An example was the plan does not cover the cost for […]

Topics and Materials Request

Hello Loopers! We want to hear from you about what resources would help you with your day-to-day enrollment work. Do you have ideas about materials that would be helpful? Is there a topic that you would like a deep dive into? Let us know! You can respond to this post, or email Hannah


I enrolled a patient into BMC on 06.24.2019. I have confirmation that it was sent. My co-worker called MH today and they are telling her that they never received it. Who can I contact to help me determine where the information went. This patient really needs to have this insurance . Mass Health has been no […]