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I have a client that is under 65, on Medicare and I’m trying to prepare an application. However; I get to the manual IDP (multiple choice) and have tried 3 times to connect with this client to answer the questions and move on. Can I email proof of identification to the proper channels to get this […]

IRS announced today that taxpayers with excess APTC for 2020 are not required to file Form 8962

4/9/21 — The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 suspends the requirement that taxpayers increase their tax liability by all or a portion of their excess advance payments of the Premium Tax Credit (excess APTC) for tax year 2020. A taxpayer’s excess APTC is the amount by which the taxpayer’s advance payments of the Premium Tax Credit […]

MLRI April 8 Immigrants & Public Benefits Training Postponed

MCLE, MLRI’s host for the Immigrants & Public Benefit Basic Benefit training, is still having problems with its server and has postponed this training until May 6, 2021.Once the server is back up, people who pre-registered for the April 8, 2021 will be notified about the rescheduled date by MCLE. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience.

Assisters Helping to Schedule Vaccine Appointments

Hi Loopers, Today MassHealth sent an update about vaccine distribution including requesting that assisters help clients with setting up vaccines appointments. We want to hear from you about if this is something your site will be doing and how that works with your workflow. Share any feedback or thoughts to this thread. Thanks, Hannah