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Urgent Coverage Alert for Dually Eligible MassHealth Members

Urgent Coverage Alert for Dually Eligible MassHealth Members –July 19, 2021 Over the fourth of July weekend, MassHealth ended COVID continuous coverage protections for elderly & disabled individuals who are dually eligible for MassHealth and Medicare and who — are no longer eligible for their current MassHealth coverage, are eligible for Medicare Savings Programs also known […]

ESI or MassHealth

Hi;  I have a client was offered a job with ESI.  She and her family are currently on MassHealth.  My question is because of the pandemic emergency can she keep her MassHealth or does she have to enroll her family in her ESI and maybe keep the MH as secondary coverage.   Her ESI would be $500 […]

Document/Verification Processing Inconsistencies

Happy Almost New Year! I’ve noticed that there are some inconsistencies in documents being processed when uploaded to a member’s account.  Some are being processed faster than others.  I remember MH letting us know that processing time was about 15-30 min, but that doesn’t seem to be true for all members.  Does anyone have insight […]