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MLRI April 8 Immigrants & Public Benefits Training Postponed

MCLE, MLRI’s host for the Immigrants & Public Benefit Basic Benefit training, is still having problems with its server and has postponed this training until May 6, 2021.Once the server is back up, people who pre-registered for the April 8, 2021 will be notified about the rescheduled date by MCLE. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience.

Lost Green Card

Hi all, We have a patient who MassHealth was unable to electronically confirm his immigration status so he was only given MassHealth Limited.  The patient says he had a Green Card, but misplaced it years ago.  He does have papers from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement from 2019 – it’s an Order of Supervision I-220B.  […]

COVID+ Ambulance – MassHealth Limited

Hi all, Wanting to clarify, would MassHealth cover a non-emergency ambulance ride for a COVID+ patient?  I know that they released separate billing codes for COVID+ patients and those with CarePlus or Standard are having these rides covered, but I can’t seem to figure out if folks who only have Limited could also have their […]


Students with a J1  apparently qualified for a Health connector care plan 1?  Not sure about this due to tax filler responses.I was wondering if due to the immigration status if  they qualify for advance premium tax credit? Scenario; The applicant is visiting scholar with J1  wife with a J2 and  a child on J2 […]

Public Charge Rule Change Effective 10/15

Hello Loopers, You may have heard that the final public charge inadmissibility rule is out, although the language is out it is not yet posted. Here is the language: The official version is not on the federal register yet, but is expected to be on the 14th. Here are some takeaways before our FAQ is […]

Topics and Materials Request

Hello Loopers! We want to hear from you about what resources would help you with your day-to-day enrollment work. Do you have ideas about materials that would be helpful? Is there a topic that you would like a deep dive into? Let us know! You can respond to this post, or email Hannah

Does pregnancy count as one?

Hi; I just did an application with a couple who are pregnant.  Does the baby count as one giving them a family of three instead of two?  Their income is $59,678.96 annually.  For a family of three this would make them eligible for a ConnectorCare 3B plan.  For a Family of two it puts them […]