Category: Determining Household and Income (MAGI)

Past unemployment income

Hello Loopers! Do CACs have to call The Connector to report past unemployment income for a patient who is currently back to work? Or is there a question in the online application asking if the patient previously received unemployment during 2021? I know I read the question was coming soon, but I am not sure […]

ESI or MassHealth

Hi;  I have a client was offered a job with ESI.  She and her family are currently on MassHealth.  My question is because of the pandemic emergency can she keep her MassHealth or does she have to enroll her family in her ESI and maybe keep the MH as secondary coverage.   Her ESI would be $500 […]

HC Renewals

Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced problems with incorrect eligibility determinations for members renewing their Health Connector coverage for 2021.  As instructed, I enter any changes to income, check off whether they have filed taxes and reconciled APTC’s for the prior year, answer that they do not have affordable insurance offered through an employer, […]

Disabled Dependent Adult

Hi, I have a family of five that consists of two disabled adults over 21 years of age.  Both of them receive SSDI and are claimed as dependents on their parents income tax return.  Neither of these individuals is working.  Recently one of the disabled adults was taken off of MassHealth.  When I called to speak […]

Topics and Materials Request

Hello Loopers! We want to hear from you about what resources would help you with your day-to-day enrollment work. Do you have ideas about materials that would be helpful? Is there a topic that you would like a deep dive into? Let us know! You can respond to this post, or email Hannah

ESI from two jobs

Hi, I spoke with a gentleman today who asked this question.  Both he and his wife work and have ESI via their perspective jobs.  Neither want to do the family plan because it is too expensive.  Can one of them select the individual plan from their job and the other select a plan through the […]

Social Security Benefits

Hi All; Does anyone know what is happening with taxes when someone has income from social security? I had two patients to renew insurance. Both patients receive income through social security. One of them receives income for disability (SSI ) , the other for retirement. In both cases, the income received from social security was not counted in […]