Author: Buliah Mae Thomas

ESI or MassHealth

Hi;  I have a client was offered a job with ESI.  She and her family are currently on MassHealth.  My question is because of the pandemic emergency can she keep her MassHealth or does she have to enroll her family in her ESI and maybe keep the MH as secondary coverage.   Her ESI would be $500 […]

Self Attestation for Seniors

Hi all; I hope everyone is staying well during this trying time.  Has anyone helped or assisted a senior with self-attestation?  Friday I tried to do this for a client who of course was not present.  Speaking with the csr from MH Customer service I stated I wanted to self-attest for my client who has […]

MH Enrollment

Hi; On 1/22 I attempted to enroll two different clients using the online enrollment form.  Both attempts produced the message:  You cannot enroll at this time.  Please contact customer service.   I was also unable to clear the form.  I closed my browser then went back to the enrollment form and my information was still there.  […]

Missing SSN in MMIS

Hi; Recently I have noticed that members social security numbers were not listed on the Member Information tab in MMIS.  So far three people (two children under the age of 18 and one adult) were missing social security numbers.  All three are active MH participants. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Thanks.

Disabled Dependent Adult

Hi, I have a family of five that consists of two disabled adults over 21 years of age.  Both of them receive SSDI and are claimed as dependents on their parents income tax return.  Neither of these individuals is working.  Recently one of the disabled adults was taken off of MassHealth.  When I called to speak […]

Dropping ESI with Employer Consent

Hi; I received this question from a single, working female whose income is at 276.36%.  She pays $90 a month for ESI but wants to cancel because the coverage benefits are horrible and she has chronic medical issues that need to be addressed properly.   An example was the plan does not cover the cost for […]

ESI from two jobs

Hi, I spoke with a gentleman today who asked this question.  Both he and his wife work and have ESI via their perspective jobs.  Neither want to do the family plan because it is too expensive.  Can one of them select the individual plan from their job and the other select a plan through the […]

Does pregnancy count as one?

Hi; I just did an application with a couple who are pregnant.  Does the baby count as one giving them a family of three instead of two?  Their income is $59,678.96 annually.  For a family of three this would make them eligible for a ConnectorCare 3B plan.  For a Family of two it puts them […]

Wrong Approval for Health Connector Plans

Hi, I have a client who was just approved for Social Security disability in January.  She also has a job.  Between the two incomes her FPL is 237.01%.  For some reason her eligibility is for a Health Connector Plan instead of a ConnectorCare 3A plan.  Her premium in 2018 was $44.00.  In January 2019 her […]